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Sample of Intensive Courses 

Languages for Lawyers Course LONDON

In-house tuition in French for English lawyers, provided to partners in city law firms whose practise involves litigation in France or involving French clients. Tuition draws extensively on material from the book French for Lawyers published by Hodder and Stoughton and written by Eva Steiner (KCL Laws) and Dolores Ditner.

Tuition consists of 10 modules, provided in-house - on the premises of the law firm at times convenient to the participant(s).


UK Cultural Awareness Programme

September LONDON

This intensive 5-day programme is held annually and provides students with a general introduction to Britain and the British educational system; it includes a Cultural Outings programme which incorporates major social, cultural and financial institutions in London.


Action Learning for Business


A 2-day course for business executives aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency in business, based on the Action Learning research methodology; the intensive oral component throughout the course further allows participants to improve their language and communication skills.

This weekend course is taught by Dolores Ditner and Brigitte Picot, an MBA graduate of the London Business School. A further follow-up course will be offered to participants in October, according to demand.


Tailor-made Courses LONDON and PARIS

The London Language Centre provides intensive tailor-made tuition in English or French to groups of students or individuals on a one-to-one basis, in various sectors of activity, which to date include the legal, financial and business sectors.

Tailor-made courses include an extensive self-study and follow-up programme.


Fees for the all the above courses are provided on request. Please contact Dolores Ditner by e-mail:

               English for Academic Purposes               

Diploma in English for Academic Purposes
October June
Annual Fees:   8,700

Annual courses are full-time, and include 30 weeks tuition of 30 hours teaching per week

English Language Consolidation & IELTS Preparation Course

January - March
and /or
April - June
Term Fees:   2,900

Term courses are full-time, and include 10 weeks tuition of 30 hours teaching per week.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an external, internationally recognised English language test. Students are given assistance in registering for the test, for which there is a fee payable directly to the test centre.

Please note:

All fees for the above English for Academic Courses in London are payable in full to The Centre and do not include accommodation which can be arranged seperately if required.